feeling completely defeated


***Rant***I hate and feel so bad for saying this but I feel so damn defeated whenever she cries. I mean I know she'd crying most of the time because her teeth are coming in, but she's only 4 months old and she's advanced. I got thrown so off guard and had no time to prepare for the Rath of teething pain. I know it's not her fault and that she hurts so bad. And I feel like crap because no matter what I do, everything I do to try to sooth her doesn't feel enough. I feel like I'm failing, all I want to do is cry, all the time. My meds aren't even working so now I need to go back for new ones. I don't know I love her so much and want the very best for her. But every day I feel so defeated :( she hasn't been sleeping much because of her teething either so lack of sleep is no help. I have absolutely no support system, no one will give me a break either. Except husband when he has his two days off. But no one else will watch her or take her for the night. Me and my husband haven't gotten alone time in 4 months. I miss him so much. It just sucks feeling like this