No sex

I've been dating my bf about 6 months now. I lost my virginity with him after a month of dating and we had sex constantly after that. we got really scared about 2 months ago because we thought I was pregnant. Once I got my period he said he wanted us to stop having sex. My bf is in his first year of college and I'm a high school senior aso I understand he's scared of getting me pregant. We still make out but he doesn' want to put anything in and I want him to soo bad. I told him I would get on birth control and that we will use a condom but he still says no. Last night we were making out and he took his penis out I got on top and said I wouldn't let it go in but I really wanted to feel him inside me, i got a bit on top but he wouldn't let go of his hand on his thing and I got both of his hands and was ready to make it go in but he pushed me away and put his thing in his pants again. I got up started crying. I really want to have sex. I feel like this is going to be a problem if he keeps saying no to me.