Stop whining and DO SOMETHING goddammit!!!!

So hubs has this friend that's been in a toxic relationship with a girl since 2016.

Their relationship is SO TOXIC that both him and the girl don't work (they both don't trust each other). The girl is 22yos, and the guy is 24yos.

They both live with their parents and are financially dependent to their parents. I know the girl's parents and they are very hardworkers, the guy's dad passed away and his mom works very hard as well.

Sometimes they even take their parents' money without consent and they use it to eat together/check in to a fucking hotel!!

they come and go but when they come to my house, usually they always start with telling me the girl is fuckin pregnant (which always is fake news).

RECENTLY, they have broken up. Now now, my husband is childhood friends with the guy and before his father passed away, his father actually told my husband to watch out for his kid.

After he broke up with the girl, he kept on going on how he just realized he wasted 2 years of his life practically doing nothing. He talks about how he wants to change and work again, etc etc.

First, I thought

Then I called friends to help out with job vacancies. I love helping people.

When one said there is a job vacancy at her place, she told the guy to give her his CV.

He said he was going to update his CV, but spent all day not doing it. Heck he spent WEEKS not updating his CV. But throughout the week, he KEPT COMPLAINING and talk about changing!!

My husband was so pissed he told me to update his Cv, coz that one friend kept asking when his cv would be handed in to her. I updated it and gave it to him.

He had ONE JOB: deliver the CV to the office..

He didn't do it.

Mind you, not a day goes by that he complains and talks about "helping my poor mother", and "i want to change".

At this point, my head is like:

Last week I told him I wanted to get my CV out and about, and I delivered 8 to 8 different places. I got accepted at 1 place already.

His CV has been done since a MONTH ago, yet still no movements.

He is still talking (and having unprotected sex) with his EX whom he calls a hoe coz she's been sleeping around.

I mean, talk about wanting to get STDs

Last night he slept over my house and he asked me to wake him up early coz he (FINALLY) wants to send his CV.

I woke him up at 9.30, he said wait a minute. Now it's 12pm and he still is fast asleep (tried waking him up, didn't work).

Remember the homer monkey?

He just resigned from my head coz clearly he is also fed up with the guys' words.

Talk about ZERO ACTION but have words that are