road trip with 4 month old!

Amanda • FTM to Niklaus Eli 💚

any advice? my son an i are going with my mum, step dad and little sister to visit our family in Ohio next week. my son is 4 months old and does not do well for long periods in the car. I think it will be a little better because I will be sitting with him in the back and can keep him entertained. but he usually starts crying after 2 hours in the car. He does usually do better when someone is sitting with him so I'm hoping that'll work but I'm still super nervous about having him in the car that long. were driving about 6 hours the first day, staying in a hotel and 6 hours the next day. we'll be there for 3 days total and then driving back. I'm debating even going bevause I'm so nervous about it, but my dad and most of my family have not met the baby yet and i really want them to bevause I have a very close fanily. I just absolutely hate the idea of stressing my baby out more than necessary. any advice is greatly appreciated. tips on what to pack? how to prepare? what to do if he starts losing his shit in the car after a few hours? lol please help!