I’m going on a trip in two days and decided to wax pretty much all my body. I did my Brazilian earlier today (OMG painfullest thing ever!!!!) and I was waxing my legs right now, iv been staying at my parents for like a week now and they have no TVs anywhere but the living room so I decided to do it there. Dumbest shit iv don al day. Well my parents came home and I ran to my sisters old bedroom to pull up my pants. I came out as quick as I could as I knew that the waxing strips where out there and so was the trash can with ALL my hairs from today. I walked out and my sipper was down so I pulled it up and my mom asked me why where my pants down. I said nothing got the trash can and took it to my old restroom.

I really think she thinks I was masturbating 🙈🙊🙉