Guy problem

I was talking to this guy named Tanner. Him and I we were “talking”(well thought we were) him and I hit it off, we were talking about almost a month. He would call me boo and all that call me beautiful and shit! Then one day we planned to hang out, and it went well. He took me back to his apartment and I met his friends and we had a bbq, and on the way home we went to stop for ice cream and both liked the same ice cream and plus we would sing in the car. Anyway the next day we planned to hang out, and go to a water park. It didn’t plan so well, so we went swimming at his apartment. On the way home we were singing love songs, oldies, and etc. When I got home he got out the car to hug me and it was a nice hug. Ever since the second day we hung out he didn’t text me ever since. Why? Was it because I didn’t have the body he wanted? But we did more things then just singing in the car, we also smoked together, swim together, go out together, kinda like a “relationship”. I just don’t get it, because from the time he stopped talking to me he posted a picture of this girl kissing up on him and it was his girlfriend. What was so wrong with me?