TTC Stress - dyed my hair!


Hi everyone.

How does everyone deal with stress?

Atm there are a few things going on in my life that I just needed a change. I have gone from blonde to strawberry blonde a couple month ago and now a deep copper, with a fringe!! Let me know what you think of the fringe, should is stay or grow out?

A little background

We have just starting TTC. (Second month). DH has been offering a role in Rural South Australia for 12 months which would mean moving from Melbourne. Not bad as we have friends there anyway. However I can’t tell people yet because he is waiting for work to give him his salary offer.

Work is ok but there is a lot of structural changes and me leaving would suck but there is a trainee who could take over my portfolio and I could help everyone else (there is 3-4 people on leave over the next couple months)

Do we rent up there or buy (and have a holiday house), can we find friends to rent our house in Melbourne to cover the mortgage. Do we have friends we trust enough. I don’t want to pay management fees.

So basically I decided to take a plunge into a new look. New look, new me! This new me doesn’t stress (or tries not to) she takes warm baths with lovely salts and reads her book. She takes her time and appreciates the small things in her marriage and friendship.

As Ball Park Music sings - “Don’t stress, That’s dumb”