A statement that bothered me


Hey, a little while ago my bf and I were sitting and talking about how some guy had a crush on me back when we were in high school. He told me that that guy also had a crush on another girl. Then he proceeded to say that he had fantasies about that other girl in the past but doesn’t anymore. He even said “it woke up the dominance in him”. It really bothered me especially because I thought he was finding his dominance with me and because he told me he didn’t even like the girl. He hated her yet had fantasies about her? Idk how to feel or am I justified in feeling hurt? The girl is long gone so should I even care? It bothered me because it made me feel insignificant and basic. He has talked to a lot of girls before me and that made me feel like anyone who he found attractive could take him and now it makes me feel like even girls he doesn’t like could threaten our relationship. Thoughts?