Omg honestly I hate her with a passion she’s trying to ruin things with her loud mouth she’s black everyone knows she is idk why she’s trying to act Dominican btw I’m freakin Latin to the core born and raised I’m full blooded Latin so I hate when ugly loud petty bitches try to put labels on things they aren’t and I mean come on she just talks and is so conceited I love nicki Minaj and Beyoncé etc but Cardi B. Just pisses me off I know it’s my opinion so yes I am intitled to it and in her songs she just yell Cardi B. You know who it is Cardi B. Cardi B. I mean come on yes I know it’s you singing the damn song I can hear your voice ohhhh and another thing tbh before I new who she was and I heard her on the radio I thought she was a teen boy going through puberty her voice can honestly go both ways listen to her music with my theory I’m pretty sure you will see

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