My ex

Okay so I broke up with my ex on Sunday because I didn’t feel as if it was working anymore and I had lost feelings so I told him this and he seemed alright with me, then later on he started arguing with me saying I broke up with him for no reason I said nothing but nice things and I tried to stay calm then the next morning he messaged me saying sorry and everything so I was like okay everything is good, then last night we had another argument because he was flirting with my best friend who has a girlfriend while messaging me telling me he misses me and everything. Then i just gave up with the argument so he said sorry and you deserve better and stuff, so I just left it then this morning he popped up asking for his hoodies back today which i said I’ll try to get your hoodies back today but one of them is in the wash and in my house it takes atleast a day for our washing to come back clean and dry so I said he can get it tomorrow and he said no he wants it today or he’s going to ask my mum and bring my mum into it which I don’t want at all. Then he started talking about the ring he gave me as a gift saying he wanted it back and everything, when the other day he said that I could keep the ring. The problem is he wants this ring today but I have left it in kent at my grandparents house but I haven’t told him this and he keeps on telling me he will get the police involved because I won’t give him my ring back and I dont know what to do any advice?


I blocked him on everything the other day so he decided to make a fake account to message me I ignored him and blocked his fake account, so he messaged my mum, my mum thought he was a twat so she blocked him aswell so I thought finally he’s gone. Then I get messages from people that he has got involved into this situation and because I have decided to ignore him, he turned up at my house.