So my fiancé has a daughter he is supposed to have supervised visits. This parenting plan has been in order for 3 1/2 years. He hasn’t seen his daughter in the entire time it’s been active. We know her number and address due to some online digging and have contacted her on Father’s Day he got to speak to his daughter and then they set up a day for us to come see her. After that her mom blocked us on everything she blocked his number and Facebook on both her personal and business page. We filed for contempt of court and she will be served the 31st or 1st. According to a lot of people in Washington contempt of court does nothing. They never give a court date or anything. I would also like to mention I have a video someone posted of the moms roommate doing coke off of someone. They also have bonfires with people in and out of her house when her kids are home. I called for a welfare check and nothing happened the officer just asked if there was drugs in the house. The mom goes around saying all three of her baby daddy’s are deadbeats when in reality I know at least 2 of the 3 want to see their kids. What can we do if this doesn’t go to court? What can we do to make sure that the kids are safe?

Also he hasn’t seen her in 3 1/2 years because the fucking bitch lied. They did a at home dna test when she ran back to Washington and she said it wasn’t his and he never questioned it. We just recently found out about her actually being his because of a court ordered dna test. If he was a deadbeat he wouldn’t be trying to see his kid. We got ahold of her only because I found her phone number. Then after setting a day for us to come see her she blocked his number and everything and wouldn’t even let his sister who got stationed in Kansas see her before she left. So no he isn’t a dead beat but he isn’t the first guy she’s done this to. She’s also done it to her oldests kids dad who had gone to visit his dad in Washington multiple times and she never once let him see his kid. If he was a deadbeat he wouldn’t try fighting for his kid now that he’s got his life together. When the order was made he lived in Missouri and she lived in Washington. She claimed he abused her and her oldest. I know this isn’t true because I’ve asked his sisters and sisters husband and they both said it was untrue that she abused him and that she never paid any attention to the kids. Mind you neither of them have a reason to lie to me I’ve been with him for awhile and he’s not even close to abusive we rarely fight even and if we do he never yells at me or calls me names he doesn’t control me in anyway. I had to really search to find a number and address for her by the way like dig to find it. He doesn’t want to play “daddy” he wants to be a father. Also I have videos of the mom letting drunk people in and out of the house with her three kids there.

And you guys don’t see my fiancé depressed every night and crying most the nights.

Edit; yes he does pay child support. We already filed for a motion of contempt and are just waiting hopefully she will be served the 31st or 1st of this month he’s even tried downloading a app to message her and Nothing. She’s kept this baby a secret for 3 1/2 years never talking to him or any of his family just saying that she simply wasn’t his child and mind you he was 17 at the time so he never questioned it.