Fiance listens to dad over me

Chloe • miscarriage mommy of two, and our healthy rainbow on the way 🤰🤰🤰🐼😇🌈 married 10/25/2018

So let me start off with when my fiance's dad tells my fiance to do anything my fiance will drop everything and do it right then. I ask my fiance for something and it WILL NEVER GET DONE, EVER. I do everything myself have been even when I had 2 miscarriages and was in pain he wouldn't let me get a damn break. My fiance and his dad HAVE NEVER HAD A GOOD RELATIONSHIP NEVER!!! But he still just bends to his every will, what pisses me off about this is the fact that the fathers wife (his step mom) is a DRAMA STARTER she has hacked into mine and my fiance's Facebook, and she was reading all my messages to his mom about me complaining about him making me do everything after my miscarriages. Well of course she told my fiance and my fiance got mad at me almost took me to my mom's to dump me off but then decided against it. His dad and him were not on talking terms until he got another job then they started talking and having lunch and his dad "forced" Him to unblock his step mom and to talk to her. I told him not to because she will only cause more drama but he did it anyways and now they are buddy buddy just like last time. I'M PISSED like about to break. I'm so mad, I have been there for my fiance more than his dad has HIS WHOLE FUCKING LIFE and he listens to his dad?!? I'm starting to get fed up with this relationship. I love him so much but he takes me for granted and last night was THE FIRST TIME he took care of me since we've been together since im pregnant and have severe morning sickness.