My MIL is the worst


I know I’ve posted before about how much I just can’t stand her. But here’s some fresh crap.

40 minutes ago, 7 pm, we are sitting down to eat supper & there’s a knock on the door. I’m automatically annoyed bc I’m 37 weeks pregnant so I only cook home cooked meals about once a week now. Idk who it is, but my husband goes outside to talk to him. My daughter says ‘that’s the preacher at church.’ Now we don’t go to church but I let my kids go with my MIL (when it’s convenient for her). Y’all... SHE’S DONE TOLD THE PREACHER ON US. Gave him our address & told him to try to come get us in church. THAT BULLSHIT IS EXACTLY WHY I DONT GO. Folks too damn nosey.

Not to mention after my husband let it slip to her that we were having a girl (we weren’t telling her), she goes to church and asks for prayers for her new granddaughter DELILAH, we are naming her Della... 🙄 Like damn keep your mouth shut, their whole family goes to that church.

Anyway. I’m done ranting. I’m just tired of that same old shit from her.