Had to call the cops on a pervert today 😡



No, he wasn’t a Private investigator 🙄. This disgusting piece of shit of a excuse for a human being has a violent RECORD including child molestation, and has been seen around schools taking pictures of children in the past. The police have been looking for him since last school year after he was released. If he was a PI, he’d have credentials and proof. A call to the police was the safest thing a person can do for these kids. This “mind your own business” attitude towards suspicious activity is dangerous.

It’s the first day of school in my city today. First day! I caught a guy dressed head to toe in black heavy winter clothing in AUGUST laying on his stomach under a clock tower and spying on children at an elementary school during recess taking pictures! This school is surrounded by backroads that aren’t very frequently traveled on unless kids are just getting to school or it’s after school. Luckily I happened to drive by on my way back from a prenatal appointment and decided to take a shortcut home to get away from traffic and there this guy was. I was lucky to be at angle to see him, because he was hard to see anywhere else. First day of school and disgusting perverts are all ready to lurk out by schools. I just drove by and called the cops. I didn’t stop the car or anything because I want this asshole caught and put in jail where he belongs and I didn’t want to scare him off. I’m FUMING that children can’t even have a peaceful recess and first day of school without cop cars having to rush over to catch a pedophile taking pictures 🤬😡🤬😡