relationship advice

#HELPPP Ladiiiieees please give me some advice. Okay so me and my boyfriend have only been together off and on for about 18months. We have been through sooo much in the short time that we've been together,mostly due to the fact of us moving quite fast, and unexpectedly getting pregnant so we now have a 9month old son together. okay so when i first met my bf, he said he had one son who lived in his hometown. Usually I didn't like dating men with children but I figured well I guess it's okay since it's just one son and he's almost a teenager anyways. Okay so in march of this year, we get in this big argument and I discover that he has another child/ children. I repeatedly ask him how many kids he has, he says 8, then says 5, then finally says well it doesn't matter how many I have iust worry about the 1 we have together 🤔.I was pissed I'm like no wtf they would be our child's sibling I need to long story short we have this big heart to heart and he breaks down crying and says he only has one other son in another state the same age as his other son and that he didn't tell me bcuz it hurts him to have a child who's life he can't be a part of regularly🤔🤔. so we get past fast forward to about a week ago...I hack his Instagram and read old messages from his oldest son's mom and I realize she's asking if he has pictures of his daughter!! so I'm livid reading this...he knows I wanted a daughter so bad, I even asked him specifically if he has a daughter and he told me no. now we're at the point where I confronted him about it and he said well it's not proven that the child is his and thinks it's just someone from his past trying to attach themselves to him since he's a rapper fairly popular on social media. Now this man does seem remorseful for not telling me, but he doesn't seem to understand the magnitude of what he's done to my trust for him...and has yet to actually say the words "sorry" ....I love him so much, I thought he really loved me before this...I've just been letting him spend time with our son but I told him it's over between us because how could u lie about something so big..but really I don't know if that's the right decision....our life as a family has been soooo priceless and we were in the process of looking for homes together and talking about marriage. Like our lives perfectly fit together, we've been building each other up so much spiritually and have became business partners, soo there's a lot invested in us beIN an "us"..and it's like right before this happened everything was like extra extra good. the sex was so freaking amazing even,better than usual, we both were making some really good moves with eachother business wise, but something told me to hack his ig lol. and now it's like I opened up Pandora's what should I do? what would u do? should I give it all up?