Sharing a space with a stressful stroke survivor

jada • xelchia 💙

On August 3rd, my mother surprised me (more like forced me) with a new roommate, my aunt “L”. My mother explained to me that she’d had a stroke a month before hand and her son wanted to put her into a facility, so instead of throwing her there, she threw her in my room. My mother then added that she’ll be staying with us for a month.

So in my head i’m thinking, oh okay it’s just one month, but one month went into two and well i’ll discuss that later.

L’s first night here was very new for me and not at all what i would’ve expected seeing as though my dad had a stroke too. Let’s just say that no one was able to sleep that night due to the excessive screaming and groaning on account of how much “pain she was in” and how she “just wanted to die”.


Every picture and light fixture ever hung in my room was pretty much on the floor ruined because she felt the need to bang and claw every wall as an artistic statement to showcase her “agony”. Every night after that wasn’t as painfully entertaining, but everyone sleeps soundly except for me, the roommate. I find it hard waking up every two hours to help L off the floor just to find herself right back in the same place. If L doesn’t sleep, then i don’t. Mind you i’m a college student and i work too. I found myself jealous of other family members because they don’t have to deal with what i deal with. I NEED MY SLEEP!

My room, the only place besides the bathroom where i can just let it all go, has been turned into L’s room. The only thing I get is 50% of my bed and my closet. They said every one would have to sacrifice, but no one has sacrificed like I have.

I haven’t had a good nights sleep or time to myself since august 2nd. My period has been out of whack since she’s been here and i’ve been breaking out like no ones business. My stress levels are thru the roof along with my weight. But who wouldn’t be if someone had their aunt pee, vomit and shit on their floor.

It seems like i’m being inconsiderate or i’m ignoring the fact that she’s going thru. life long change. No No! I understand completely, like previously stated, my father has had one while i was in high school and i’ve took care of him and he was much worse. My dad can drive a car now 😂 but she.. she doesn’t want to get better. that’s the difference! she wants to just rot! So my roommate won’t move out until she can get enough for her own place which, by the way things are going, won’t be until June of 2019!!!! I can not withstand 8 more months of this. it’ll drive me to the point of insanity and it’s only been a month and three weeks.

A temperary roommmate who i was completely unaware of and unprepared for has turned into what seems like a life long roommate.

Pray for me.

(Update) It’s the new year, she’s still here but she’s gotten better at doing most things on her own. She has her own little space in my room with her own little bed, however the sleeping situation is still terrible. she eats peppermints wrapped in the most obnoxious paper all night long. Her coughs are like no other because she’s going thru detoxification from years of smoking. it had gotten better but not as good as her moving out lol