2nd C-section...


I want to share my birth story!

Kingslee was born 10/23/2018 @ 10:54am.

Weight: 7lbs 1oz

Length: 19 1/4 inches

This pregnancy had a lot of ups and downs. A lot of issues that occurred. Baby measured small in the beginning, but eventually would end up measuring big by the end of my pregnancy. (Which she wasn’t) lol. She weighed 7 lbs 1oz at 38 weeks +6 days.) I was diagnosed with Polyhyrdamnios (extra fluid), so she was able to move around freely, meaning she didn’t get into head down position. When she did get into head down position, it was only for a little while before she would be able to move around and turn breech, then transverse and eventually ended up being breech again at delivery.

I had extra fluid with my last pregnancy as well, and my daughter turned breech during the labor process. I was 8.5 centimeters, when the doctors came in and told me that I would need an emergency c-section. They rushed me back, getting the epidural to get the surgery started. When the doctor made his first incision I felt everything, I felt them cut me open. The epidural didn’t work, so they gassed me out. I was in recovery for 4 hours, not being able to see my daughter.

So this C-section when my doctor scheduled it for the 23rd of October made sure that they would be doing a spinal block, instead of epidural. I was so nervous going into surgery. As I was sitting on the table waiting for them to start the spinal block, I started to get very scared and nervous. The anesthesiologist was amazing!! He came in and was so sweet, coached me through what they were doing. He even talked to me and my husband the whole time I was in the OR. He made sure everything was numb before they started to cut me open. He tested me a few times just to be sure I was completely numb. The spinal block worked amazing and I didn’t feel a thing this time! 🙌🏻 I got my tubes tied, so I was in the OR a little longer than my husband and baby, but when I was ready to go to recovery they were both sitting there waiting for me to see them!

This c-section has been much better than my last one. I was only in recovery for 2 hours this time, and then wheeled back to a room. After a couple of hours they wanted me to get up and try to use the restroom and walk 1-2 times up the hallway of the postpartum area. I was able to walk 1 time and felt like I needed to rest. A few hours later, they had me try again. I was finally feeling a little better and we walked 3 rounds up and down the halls. The nurses would come in and check up on me and see if I was having any pain. I wasn’t really in too much pain, so I only opted for Tylenol since I am breastfeeding. The nurses were shocked at how well I was doing with the pain and getting up every couple hours to walk. Baby was doing great as well!! We only ended up staying from the 23rd to the 25th! We were expecting to stay from the 23rd until at least the 27th. I am so happy with how this whole c-section and recovery is going so far!! Now I just hope for a fast recovery for me as I have 2 others kids 10 & 5 years old to help take care of!