Babies close in age

My first 2 sons are almost exactly 2 years apart. My body had time to heal fully before I got pregnant again. I was 21 and 23 when I had them. I recently had my third son at the age of 31. He is almost 3 months old. We would like to have one more. Should I wait a few more months before TTC? Or will it be fine to try now? It took us a year to get pregnant for the first time and then I had a miscarriage. We got pregnant a month after my miscarriage and had another miscarriage. It was another 9 months of actively trying before we conceived the baby boy we have now. My husband is turning 39 next month and doesn't really want more after 40. I would prefer not to have more after 33 and I'm almost 32. Was it easier to get pregnant shortly after having another? I just got my first period post partum which I was totally not expecting seeing as how I'm EBF around the clock! And with my last child I didn't get one until the month after he weaned at 9 months.

Also to add I have 2 step sons as well who are the almost the same ages as my 2 sons. We have all sons ages 10, 9, 8, 7 and almost 3 months.