Do I leave or stay and see if things change?


So i’m 26 and i’ve been with my husband 10.5 years and been married 5.5 years. About 9 months into the marriage husband got VERY paranoid about me cheating with people from work (I was working nights in a male dominated role) as in checking my phone, telling me I couldn’t use snapchat as it was for cheaters blah blah blah.

I quit my job to work days (in ths hope it would help) and things were okay for about 2 years and then the paranoya started all over again. Checking my phone, being really angry/upset if I went out, telling me about what clothes to wear and not to wear. We were at my parents and I thought it would help if we moved so we eventually got a mortgage in Feb 18 and things were okay ish until around May/June. He then started saying horrible things like ‘if I found out you cheated, i’d record myself having sex with someone and send it you’, ‘if I found out you cheated i’d break your hand’, ‘if I found out you cheated i’d kill you’ and these comments would come from nowhere. He wantz picture proof of who I go out with and video calls me ALL THE TIME!

I eventually told my parents that i’m not sure I want to be with him anymore and they were VERY supportive. I had a 3/4 day break from husband and he promised he would change. Things were okay for about 2/3 weeks and now he has started slowly saying horrible comments again. This evening I went to see a friend and her new born baby and he wanted photo proof. I didn’t do this and he called my friends partner on facebook to make sure that’s where I had been 😔.

Would you stay and try and ride it out or would you leave?