Weight gain /loss yo-yo and my story

Gina • ⚜️QUEBEC ⚜️🏳️‍🌈TTC

I'm going to be 28 in about a week so I'll guess that I'll start from the beginning lol. I was always thin growing up my family is thin etc. When I was a young teen all of that changed. I got my period at 11 even though I had body hair & breasts a couple of years beforehand. Photo of me at 13 . I was thin but I was healthy. I stayed that size until I was 17 when I was put on all kinds of medications that made me gain 60 lbs. It was awful I went from a size 1-3 to a size 13. I'm 5'2 and my normal weight is around 105 - 112. I went up to 160 lbs because of the meds and at 18 I said fuck that and stopped taking the meds and the pounds melted off and after about 6 months I was back to my regular self. But my weight would yo-yo a lot more because I was on meds. I went as low as 80 lbs once and then I went as high as198 lbs! Fucking ridiculous! I lost a bit of weight probably from being hospitalized for a few days for pneumonia last summer so I'm down to around 175 so that's better but for me it's not my regular weight. And when I lose weight it causes my body extra skin I notice it on my breasts like I have skin where I used to have breast and I'm really insecure about that. I would like to get my breasts done just so they stay the same size not to have huge breasts. My body has been pretty proportionate and I had breasts even when I was thin I was a C cup but since I went up a couple cup sizes and back down, I can see where I had breasts its outlined but it's empty in certain places and I really don't like it. I have stretch marks everywhere that's normal since I literally doubled in size from 100 - 198 at 5'2 thats alot for my height my BMI is 34 I definitely need to lose weight but because of the meds causing it, it's almost impossible to get rid of it without having to stop taking the medications and I can't stop taking them. Also like a mentioned before when I lose weight Its flabby and I have a hard time sticking to an exercising plan for toning up. Nike training club app is a great app for toning up and just to get in shape. It's free and its alot better than most paid apps. They have different workout plans designed for what you want to achieve and with equipment or without equipment it's tailored to your needs. another good app is called aweso.me it has several different plans and it is free but I definitely recommend the Nike training club app and the nike running club app for everyone who wants to get in shape or do some general toning etc

That picture is the most recent at about 185 lbs.