Can people change?


I was messing around with this guy for about 7 months. We acted like a couple and everything but he never asked me to be his girlfriend. I found that he had got his ex girlfriend pregnant way before we started messing around but I decided that I’d stay with him regardless. But then when it got close to the baby’s due date he started acting funny telling me it’s not going to work that he didn’t wanna put me through drama. He never let me post his either, so I could tel something was up I’d call, text and I didn’t get a response til hours later or the next day. He came around when he wanted and went days without talking to me. So I gave up I left it alone I knew I deserved better. (That was 2 years ago) NOW.. he recently got connected again he’s been trying telling me where going to take trips here and there. He brought his son to come see me at work. Has asked me to come over and he’s glad that his son feels comfortable around me. He tells me over and over again that he knows he messed up and that he’s sorry for that. He shouldn’t of let me go and that he know what he wants for sure this time. He calls and texts me even when I don’t text back. If I don’t text him right away he’ll call me again or double text. He tells me he has a crush on me. (He’s CRUSHING BAD) his words. He tells me he like me a lot and that he loves being around me. He told me he has love for me and that he meant that all jokes aside. But I’m the bad of my head I can’t tell whether it’s too good to be true or that he really feels this way. Advice?