We’re being haunted or did someone do some bujeria?

Val • Instagram - @mega.g70

Me & my bf and bro-in-law moved in together 2 months ago into an apartment. Since then my bfs business has struggled + our relationship financially. Weird things have happened like sensored lights going off and on for no reason, noises coming from across the apartment while I’m there by myself, footsteps etc. my bf had a pastor come & bless our home & he said it had connection w a pillow I was given from AZ (silly I didn’t buy it but my bf did so I just got rid of the pillow) fast forward to a couple weeks ago my bro-in-law said their grandpa visited him (he passed years ago) & when he tried to take a picture of him his phones camera wouldn’t work... fast forward some more my bf has been having dreams about a little girl asking him if he would play with her (edit apparently he told her no then she hit him he just told me his leg hurt when he woke up) ??? THEN last night my bf had sleep paralysis twice. One he was breathing so hard that it woke me up and I shook him out of it it was around 3 am... my bro-in-law gets home and tells us at random that around 3 am last night a black figure was on top of him choking him and wouldn’t let go until he kept praying. My bf called another priest BUT this time the priest said he doesn’t feel nothing in our home.

My bf and bro-in-law are both sissy la-las lol I on the other hand am more logical... if I hear or see something I do something to get my mind off it or think of reasoning (although I strongly believe in spirits good & bad due to previous paranormal experiences)

Idk if it’s just all coincidental or we need to get some cleansing ASAP lol just thought I’d share 🤷🏻‍♀️