Cooper IUD - Exercise & Periods


Hey ladies,

I had the copper coil inserted a year ago as I can't have hormone bsed contraception. I'm 28 and I haven't given birth.

So, my periods have been much heavier and sometimes I get this really heavy sensation where it feels like my womb could just plop out 😐 (I know it won't 😂). I expected the cramps would be pretty 😖😩 Do any of you experience similar symtpoms?

Also, when I exercise I experience the same feeling (the womb bit) but much worse 😰 The cramps are intense and I physially have to crouch down for a minute or so until the feeling passes.

I'm considering taking it out but I am absoloutely petrified as the insertation was personally a horrendous experience. So has anyone got ANY advice or tips that would help this settle down?

Thank you my lovelies :)