Stuck between husband and mother

My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we’ve been through a lot but we still love each other very much. A couple of weeks ago he crossed the line and disrespected my mother who has done more for him than his mother has ever done for me. He called her out on some stuff he assumed happened and my mother kicked him out of her house. This put a strain on our marriage and relationship because my husband should never cross me and disrespect my mother especially if he claims to love me, no matter how upset he is. My mother was extremely upset with him and told me I have to choose between her and him and if I choose him then I might as well forget her. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle, me and this man have a child together and I don’t want her to be stuck in the middle either. Nevertheless, I would always choose my mother but I also don’t want to get a divorce. He’s extremely apologetic and has been apologizing everyday since the incident. All I can say is I’m stuck between the both of them cause I don’t want to lose either of them. Can anyone share some insight with me?

Edited: He came back from work and told my mother to busy herself with her own family and to stay out of his family. He also called her a two face and when I called him out on it and told him he’s not allowed to speak to my mother like that he said he speaks to his own mother like that and I shouldn’t be surprised. After a few more mins of arguing my mother proceeded to kick him out of the house which she had all the right to.

He also tried to call her today to apologize but as soon as she heard his voice on the phone she hung up.