I’ll try to summarize. Dating life

Is this normal or is he better to be a friend?

So this guy I’ve been talking to since September. We met during an open house I had listed. We started as friends. I won’t attracted to him. I have two kids and single mother. My kids are in grade school and middle.

No dads in the picture.

He lives a few hours away but he also has some property here where I reside.

So..: I lost my gmaw, he lost his gmaw, holidays, etc. so much happened during the past few weeks.

He would stay over whenever the kids weren’t here but slept in the spare room.

He doesn’t drink. I do have wine occasionally on weekend or special event.

After several days together I ended up allowing him to sleep in my bed. As we had been up until 3am talking and the kids weren’t here. He never tried to touch me.

The third time well it happened.

I’ve never had someone I feel so comfy talking to. So he’s met my kids most of my family and I have his. Maybe due to the holidays and funerals.

I’ve been divorced and married for the wrong reasons.

Dating life isn’t easy.

I don’t know if he’s someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.

I don’t want to waste time and hurt him. I tend to overthink. I also regret my past relationship decisions and blame myself for not knowing narcissistic behaviors or additions.

I’m attracted to this guy and he adores me. He already talks about being together forever and such. We are not teens but both between 30-35.

I just don’t know if he’s the one.

What do I do?