Am I too selfish?


Okay, as a kid my parents always worked. My mom always worked at house keeping and my dad always worked at restaurants. Usually by the time they would get home we would usually have 2 hours before bed to spend with them. Usually my mom would make us food we would shower, eat, homework and sleep. Now my mom stopped working because she had a back issue and stopped working. She would always worry about the house being clean. She didn’t worry about our school work, she didn’t teach us house chores because she would do everything. I am now 21 and I feel completely useless. I have two younger brothers and they are growing up the same way! They don’t do anything besides be on a phone all day. When I tell me mom she just says “it’s true” and then she keeps doing it. Ugh. I know I can learn but I feel like both my parents needed to teach me this. I feel anger because I’m useless, but is it selfish because they did have to work?