I just need to vent

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I love my husband i swear i do but sometimes i can’t stand him.

I just gave birth to our son almost a month ago but i had him 3 weeks early. I had a c section and after that our son was in the nicu for 15 days.. i was crushed and depressed and in pain from my c section.

Well now after being home for almost 2 weeks i do most of the stuff. I feed him i change his diapers almost every time and my husband works. But when he gets home he plays video games.. the other day i asked him to change the babies diaper after he died in his game.. well he spawned back in and left it half done so i ended up doing it.

Our son is super fussy at night and I’m usually up with him ALL night so I’m exhausted then i have a house to clean and errands to run and all this shit so I’m running on No sleep and it’s frustrating... Then tonight my husband always says “you can wake me up if you need help” so i figures since he goes into work late I’d wake him up to help me.

First he didn’t change his diaper and went straight to feeding him. (We change him then feed him so he’s more comfortable and can focus on eating) so the baby is fussy. Then he finally changes him but he’s still hungry so he’s screaming so i told my husband the baby was still hungry. He’s trying to rock him and play with him and he’s not having it. So imagine that he gives him food and he’s better.

Then my husband puts him in his bed without him being asleep so he’s screaming again. My husband is asleep and I’m up with the baby. I’m frustrated and tired. My husband doesn’t want to listen to anything that comes out of my mouth and then gets mad when i say i do 95% of the work. I’m just completely over it. I’m about to kill my husbands PlayStation and when he comes home to a messy house because I’m catching up on sleep during the day i don’t want to hear shit