First time mom with medicaid questions


So i literally just found out april 2nd that im expecting.

I live in Lake city florida and my mom has mentioned that i need to get on my bfs insurance but its too expensive. So im going to get on medicaid and the pregnant woman program.

Now shes telling me that shes not sure but shes pretty sure if i do that the state of florida is going to go after my bf to pay medicaid back and possibly take his checks no matter what if i live with him or not because we are not married.

Does anyone know if thats right or not? Ive looked it up and they are just too confusing to understand and im pretty sure it didnt even andwer my questions. Ive been on my moms insurance as long as i can im about to turn 26 and they will kick me off pregnant or not. I just need to know if im worring about nothing. And maybe someone can help me.

Thanks ladies. ☺