Who’s the “breadwinner” in your household?


So just for fun - My husband recently quit his job since he’s going to start school soon, and I recently got a job that makes more than enough money for us. He made a joke about me being his “sugar mama” 😂 and that he’s going to do a good job being the Mr. Mom figure. (No kids yet, currently TTC)

Not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM, but I’ve found a job I absolutely LOVE, and I’m so proud of my husband for going to college this August to pursue something he really wants.

And I’m also looking forward to his promises of cleaning the house and cooking dinner. 😜

So for fun tell me, are you the main money maker, the stay at home spouse, or do you split it pretty evenly? What would you prefer to be if you had the choice? Why? (Again, all in good fun!)

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