My kid doesn't like me :(

Hi ladies. So I have 2 beautiful daughters. A 3 year old and a 3 month old and I love them to death. My elder one has become a complete daddy's girl and sometimes it hurts. Hubby knows that I feel bad so sometimes when she asks only for him to snuggle her into bed, carry her or even wipe her bum he says (ask mama and she'll do it for you) she screams out NO MAMA. It hurts even worse. During the day she's absolutely fine and we have a great time together but as soon as daddy walks in from work she suddenly doesn't like me at all. I was hoping for my second to be a boy so maybe he'd prefer me. I love them both to death but when I see my elder one completely disregard me and I see my second daughter becoming like her elder sister as a toddler all I want to do is just leave everything and just go :'(.

I feel bad for feeling this way, I feel bad when I see my kid doesn't want me and I feel bad when I see my infant daughter.

Is this normal? Will I stop feeling this way?