Does this make me awful?

I may get shit for this but There are a few factors that play into me not wanting to be with my child father. The two big ones are his drinking and that he has another child. The only reason I say because he has mother child is because he will do anything to make sure his oldest has what he needs and is fed. He will do anything to see him. He blows his ex up trying to see his child whenever he can. He will play with his kid the WHOLE time he has him. We aren’t living together currently and I have to call and ask him multiple times to see our child. And he still goes days without. He says he can’t afford the things that my son needs but when he gets his other son he can take him out and do whatever he wants with him. He doesn’t bring his other kid around just takes him back to his family’s house because his son doesn’t want to come over. He lets his son make all of the rules and when he does come around he disrespects me terribly. Every time I am eating something he will tell me it’s gross or my food smells like pee. EVERY TIME I HAVE FOOD AROUND HIM. I’ve talked to my boyfriend but he gets mad at me and says I hate his kid. I honestly don’t think I can stay with someone who chooses which kid he wants to support. Am I wrong? What do you guys think?