I need some help


So around a year ago I was sent to the guidance councillor because of a comment I made during class that involved me implying that I wanted my life to end. Since that, I’ve gone back to guidance only a handful of times and got a visit from my aunt (a psych) because when my parents found out, they wanted to make sure I was okay. She told me I was exhibiting signs of mild depression and when my family found out, they told me it would be best if we got a second opinion.

Since then, I’ve pretty much felt the same and by that I mean random spurts of energy followed by extended amount of days where I just feel solemn or empty. Up until recently (a couple of months ago), I’ve been more irritable, angrier, sadder, I’ve been having random episodes where I just lay low and don’t want to talk to anyone. Basically, I’ve been feeling low. I don’t know if this is because of my PMSing cause it seems to get worse during my period or something else. Do you think I should see someone about this or am I just overanalysing my emotions?