My boyfriend doesn’t believe in my anxiety and it hurts

Since I was 12 I was diagnosed with anxiety. Since I was an adolescent I was diagnosed with depression. I struggle everyday with this. I can’t work because of it. I have trouble waking up in the morning. I’m constantly tired. I don’t like checking out at the store (I literally make him or whoever is with me do it). I get dizzy, sweats, blush, chest pain, feelings like I can’t catch my breath, etc. I can’t even get my license because of it!!! Whenever I’m in a social situation, so I avoid it at all costs. I have trouble making decisions on my own. I need reassurance before making any decision, even the smallest. For example, whenever I’m online shopping it takes me AT LEAST A FEW DAYS to actually check out. I literally add and delete stuff in my cart wondering if I should buy it or not. There’s many more symptoms, but these are just a few!

My boyfriend tells me that he doesn’t believe in depression or anxiety. I told him he’s just uneducated on it and doesn’t have it so he doesn’t understand, he said “oh and you are?” I said “YES I am. I’ve struggled with this for 12 years now!!!!!!” He just says everyone has problems or are unhappy. He compared it to a shark...his words were “if you got bit by a shark you would be scared to go back in the ocean” he goes on how it’s trendy now.

I get so upset, angry, and honestly hurt that he doesn’t believe me. I actually struggle so much, even before it was a “trend.” I was 12 years old googling it was because no one ever talked about it. Now I’m 24 with a child and my anxiety is worse than ever. Having a partner who doesn’t take you seriously about your mental health just sucks!