Freaking out.

So I know this is going to be a very detailed and specific post but please try to help me out.

I am 7 months pregnant and my baby is due August 24. I plan to work up until August 19. Once I'm done working I dont plan to go back to work until January.

Right now I work 2 jobs. I deliver pizza and serve at a restaurant. Every tip that I have goes to my fund for being out of work. And everything I make on my actual paycheck goes to current bills.

Right now I have about $2,700 which when I did the math $1,800 will be going out to monthly bills and the rest left over is going to my baby and groceries.

My boyfriend works full time at a restaurant and should be bringing in $1,400 a month and sadly the apartment we are moving into (only one we approved for) is going to cost us around $1,000+ a month. We have talked all of our finances through and have come to the decision that he is only going to be responsible for rent. So yes, groceries and other expenses are my responsibility.

Between September and December we should be golden. Everything should work out.

>>>Now the reason I'm freaking out is because next Saturday we move into this apartment. The math that I did on my end for money didnt include June-August for groceries or extra expenses. So I'm at a loss for what the hell we are supposed to do.

If I use the money to pay for groceries right now I will have to go back to work earlier than I thought and I hate thinking of doing that because they will only be 2 months old 😢

I woke up to apply for food stamps but I cant until I am out of work and we also dont have insurance for us or the baby so that money I have is supposed to be a safety net... I will be saving more of course but I am afraid that this money will not sustain us like I'd hope because of June-August.

I really need some advice of any kind to help us out.

Neither of us are bad people but our baby and moving out really sprung on us and this is our reality right now. I really dont want to have to read negative comments right now to fuel the stress going on.

I get it, life is hard, I'm not trying to seem like I'm looking for an easy way out? I'm simply asking for help on a real life math equation.