Always getting fucked over

My ex literally stole $2600 from my bank account. And tried to lie and say she didn’t do it. After checking my bank statements I saw where all the money was going. Which was western Union, cash app, rooms booked through Priceline, and Lyft rides plus food delivery services. So I contacted western union and filed a fraud dispute. And they gave me the name of the person who received the money. Which was her. I called Priceline entered her phone number guess what? You guessed it she booked two rooms with my debit card at the hotel listed by, Priceline on my bank statement. Like I don’t understand I give so much of myself to anybody I’m with. And just get fucked over like I’m to the point where I think I’m just better off alone.

*** I think she took a picture of my debit card before we broke up because I’ve had my card, on me the entire time. So all this had to be done online.***