Rant: husband wants to move to another country

My husband has been talking about moving to another country. My problem is that everytime we fight he threatens to divorce me and to leave me. I’m a STAHM so as of now I depend on him financially (while I’m trying to start a little business). my best friend recently graduated from college and is a lawyer now. ANYWAYS we fought about two weeks ago, he threatened me with divorce again, and I told him “fine, if you REALLY want to get divorced let me know so I can ask my best friend to help me fill out the paperwork” he stayed quiet and hasn’t brought it up again. We fought again five days ago because he was telling me we should move to another country. My response was “why would I want to move to another country if every time you get mad and argue with me you threaten to leave me and divorce me? At least here I know I have a fighting chance and know where to look for work if I need it. If I go to another country I NEED to know you won’t just up and leave just cuz I said “blue” when u said “red”” to which he just said “ugh! you complicate my life!”. I haven’t really said much but he keeps telling me we should move and why, and his plans... if I “complicate” his life so much, why would he even want me to move with him? Besides the fact that we have a daughter together and are married... or could those be the only reasons?