Cosleeping questions


I'm always interested to know how other people do things.

I'm still cosleeping with my almost 3 year old. Now I'm 5 weeks pregnant and trying to figure out how I'm gonna kick him out of the bed lol. I will need to cosleep with the baby when it comes.

I want to know, for the people who cosleep, does your partner sleep in the bed also or do they have a separate bed or room? My husband had always slept in another room completely because we're on totally different schedules. We've tried same bed, same room. Nothing works for us. I don't think it will work to put my son in the room with my husband because it's probably more disruptive than being in a room with a new baby.

What are peoples thoughts on having him in a separate bed beside or close to the bed with me and baby? Then he can be comforted because I'm still there and he can see me and talk to me.

How do you all deal with cosleeping and introducing a new baby? And where do your partners sleep?