Cleanse to clean out your body??

Epic • Just taking it day by day.

Hey guys so I’m considering doing like a cleanse. But I have never done one and I don’t want to do it to lose weight I want to just get the bad stuff gone. But is this even a thing, do cleanses like this even work if you aren’t doing it for weight loss? Or is there a better way to get rid of all the nasty stuff I’ve eaten? (I fell off the wagon on my healthy eating big time, like I’ve gone milk crazy and fry crazy and now my skin hates me)

If this isn’t a recommended way advice on how to cleanse my body to help my skin would be great! I’m not just talking acne either it flared up my allergies and eczema so I’m just a mess and need help haha 😂

Edit to add: I already know how to eat clean because when you have a strict grocery budget you typically only eat chicken and fish for meals and we don’t go out to eat except date night every now and then which I still typically chose healthy options like a steak and side salad. I mainly just needed to know if I should cleanse to get rid of the junk I ate when I fell into a deep dark hole of milk and fries 🤣