single moms in military (really need answers)

So before deployment... I got pregnant, I know worst case scenario and definitely unintentional. During that time I was struggling for money and everything so I couldn’t afford an abortion. I ended up becoming homeless for basically all of my pregnancy (6months rn) and my unit was trash they transferred me and didn’t tell me and I was considered awol for a good min bc they wouldn’t give me the info on where I needed to go either way I didn’t get deployed when I really needed to. So still homeless, my regular job laid me off in a mass layoff (I’m NG so I could go to school which I couldn’t do bc i was getting deployed) I’m in a very shit situation, single mom at only 19 and I have no income. I finally find my old unit and I’m with them now and they gave me the option of leaving fully (r2- I’ll be able to come back) so I can fix home, or stay in with possible chance of deployment, after the kid. I literally have no idea bc drills are a set amount of steady money a month, where as just leaving fully I have no health coverage no money, and no military. Please anyone advise me on how to go about it bc I’m actually at a loss and I’m confused