No compromising with partner ex, causing stress!!


Morning just looking for some advice or to vent! My partner has his boys every other sat night and sun, the original agreement was 10.30am sat til 5pm sun, but his ex keeps taking the p*** and come Sunday messaged him saying she won’t be home til an hour after the agreed drop of time, meaning we have to give them tea which isn’t a problem but I we know we haven’t got them then I don’t account for them in the food shopping. He has to be up at 2.30am for work which is why it’s another problem, he works 10.5 hours a day and she doesn’t even work. She is always taking the p***. He used to have them on a Wednesday and Thursday every week aswell but she messed that up by wanting more money off him meaning he has no money left over in the week to catch the bus to get them as he doesn’t drive. She can never compromise, he never once refused to see his boys but has tried to compromise on times but she can’t do it, it’s seems to be all or nothing with her. We can’t have them anymore then we do as we live with my mum who has Alzheimer’s and we also have a baby on the way. We are both at breaking point now and it’s just so much stress on top off all the stress we have already. Any advice would be welcome!!