My fiance is the biggest mom shamer I know

This past week I went on a 4 day girl's trip that my fiance didnt want me to go on, but I went anyways because honestly- he doesnt like when I do anything at all.

Our daughter is 8 months old and she stayed with my mom while I was gone because my fiance had to work and has never been alone with her for that long. During my trip, she crawled for the first time. I was heartbroken, but so excited at the same time. I called my fiance to tell him and he was so mad at me for going and said I robbed him of this experience and that I should feel bad that our daughter didnt have her parents around. He lives 30 mins from my mom- he could have picked her up.

Anyways, he made me feel so guilty and wouldn't leave me alone about it. Then, I got home and my milk supply is so low. I pumped on my trip but not as much as I should have. Again, heartbroken i confided in him- and he said that this is what i get for going on my trip and leaving the baby when she needed me most and now HE is mad at me that my supply dropped.

I'm so upset and honestly so hurt that he wont comfort me- instead, he wants to punish me and make me feel like a shit mom.

Am I overreacting?