is this assault?

i was 13 (i’m now 15) and one day i was walking home during the day and i was already on my street when a man (about 50 years old) ran a little bit past me and then turned around and started running towards me. i didn’t think anything of it but when the man reached me, he sort of picked me up from down there and i guess fingered me. i tried to get away but i was small and skinny, it was only for about 10 seconds and i didn’t think anything of it and i just went home and never really talked about it. but now i’ve been thinking if this is considered abuse and it really changed me, because i’m really really scared of walking alone especially in the dark and it happened on my street so i have to walk there in the dark every day... i have really bad insecurities and i’m very shy and i always thought that it was just because all my friends are gorgeous when i haven’t really had a glowup yet, but i’ve started to think it might have something to do with the story