My mom is a Karen🤦🏽‍♀️

I feel so bad for people who work In the food industry especially those who have to deal with the Karen’s like my mom. She is the reason I could never work in fast food because I couldn’t handle being yelled at because of stuff that’s not my fault. We were just at a fast food restaurant and my mom ordered something that they don’t have anymore and OMG you would have thought the world was ending. She went into full Karen mode talking about “ well you had it last time” and “well it’s still on the menu” and when the worker told her that they haven’t had a chance to change the menu yet she was still going on about how that’s what she wanted and then she kept an attitude the whole time we were ordering( my mom). It’s so embarrassing when your mom is yelling at the poor worker because of something that’s not her fault and I DONT want people to think I act that way too.