Very upset and hurt (a rant)


I’m 23 years old and I have two brothers one is 21 and the other one just turned 17 last month.. for this whole year my brother who is 17 and is in high school has been acting out and it hurts my heart.

Let’s call him J!

So this whole year he has been hanging out with the wrong crowd in high school. He’s smoking weed, cutting class, not going to school, and literally is not at home for most days and when he does come home he smells like marijuana. I don’t knock anybody that smokes weed because I’ve done it but I don’t let it control my life or make me miss out on important things.

I love my brothers to DEATH but J is just not himself anymore and it literally hurts my heart so bad I just want to cry honestly. He’s had weed on him and illegal things and my father just won’t guide him and just believes everything he says and I feel like my brother will end up in a horrible situation for himself.

We live in a healthy 2 parent household in one of literally the richest BLACK counties in the world so I just don’t understand why he wants to live that skip school and smoke weed lifestyle?

My heart is broken because half of the time nobody hears from him or knows where he is... i just want my brother back😶