3rd Iui

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience:

My first two IUIs failed and we went in for a third one only to find out I had two big cysts. So we waited two months...went back and still had two cysts. So fast forward to this month. I’m cyst free and my doctor switched me to Femara. She put me on the lowest dose just to see how I would react. I went in on cycle day 13 for a follicle check and they told me I had three eggs below 10 mm and my lining was very thin. They told me they want to do the “step up protocol”. For the next five days I took two pills of Femara and I go back this coming Monday for another follicular scan.

I asked my doctor the reasoning behind all this and they said my follicular scan indicated that I just got done with my period. (Obviously they knew I was on cycle day 13). So they are hoping to retry with the medicine in hopes something will grow.

Has anyone else gone through something similar and it worked for them or at least grew some eggs?