Hubby feels guilty because of accident :(

Elysia • Baby girl born Feb 2019!! 👶💖

My little girl is 9 months old and last night I dropped her off home while I popped to the shop so my husband can give her dinner- before he gave her dinner, he changed her nappy and while on her changing table she rolled off onto the edge of an open drawer!

He hadn't left her unattended he was getting more wipes out of the drawer and it was a complete accident! Of course I left my shopping and drove straight home and he had called an ambulance, we went to hospital and all I fine just some bruising,

But ever since he just keeps saying what if he did things differently and that hes sorry he didnt catch her before she fell etc and I keep telling him it was an accident and could have happened to anyone but hes really down about it :(

Any ideas on how I can make him feel better?

Heres my little girl last night and then this morning