1 of a million reasons I wanna have his baby!

So my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 2.5 years with no luck. After having sex I have been trying to put my feet in the air because hey, what have I got to lose? I do it by turning around on my bed so I can prop myself against the wall which takes me out of the blankets but still gives me my pillow and bed to be against. It’s freezing and snowing outside right now and I get cold easy (obviously because I am naked or not totally covered) but if this helps I don’t care I’m trying all the weird tricks!

Anyway today after getting a surge on my opk we immediately had some hot sex since he took the day off and I was laying there reading Glow posts and my husband comes and drops some towels fresh out of the dryer on me! Tells me it’s to help keep me warm. He’s the best! He’s always doing cute little thoughtful things like this, just who he is! I definitely picked the right guy. 😍