Is this postpartum OCD?

My daughter is just shy of 2 weeks old, and ever since the last day in the hospital my thoughts have been consumed with checking my blood pressure... I don’t have obsessive thoughts over harming my baby or anything of that degree, just obsessing over my health and blood pressure. Which by the way is always perfect. All my life I’ve had anxiety, and after the birth of my first daughter 3 1/2 years ago it got vamped up. My blood pressure did get high with her and I had to take meds. It went back to normal after two weeks. Then the anxiety faded away. I think with that in the back of my mind it revamped the ocd over my blood pressure again after I delivered my youngest. I know my blood pressure is perfect like 116/72 perfect, but then I’ll start sitting there and my thoughts will go crazy and I’ll tense up and I check it again and it rockets up to 140/90. I know itsmy mind doing this. My OB prescribes me 10 pills of lorazepam, to take as needed. But I’m scared to take them honestly. And I’m breastfeeding. Does this sound like ocd? I don’t know what else to do 😢