I don’t know what to name this, I just have a question

18 and never had a relationship before is what defines me. I’m basically an inexperienced virgin (proud to be a virgin btw 😂) who doesn’t know anything about flirting, dating or just as simple as socializing.

Guys send me messages on instagram pretty often to be honest, but I never open them. I’m the type of person that If I get feelings for someone and at the end of the day all he wanted to do was to use me and leave me, I get so heartbroken and heal so slowly. I’ve had a bad experience with a guy I met online who actually developed a relationship with another girl while talking with me. I’m still hurt by that. I’m not sure if I can start all over again with another guy. I’m too scared that it’s gonna be a waste of time again and will end up with bad mentality.

Have you got any tips to my problem? How can I move on? How can I become brave again and start new things in my life without doubts?