13 YO homework

My stephson is 13 YO he's got ADHD and autism.

He's not receiving help or medication for either because to make a long story short his mom's really selfish.

Anyways, he often has issues to concentrate so I have to tell him all the time to focus on his work, no bad intentions, just keeping his mind on his work.

He also has issues with asking for help if he needs it.. So he'll throw a tantrum first, I let him chill and soak in it a bit nd then ask him if we can take a look at it together and then he's fine..

But you know.. Recently puberty got real 😂

He's like.. I don't need to be top of my class, just passing is nice.. Or "I'm good at this so I don't need to study" (and then failing the test)

I read to him and his brothers every evening.. Now he has to do a book report combined with oral exam and he chose the book I had just finished reading to them... And I felt a bit abused for reading to them.. If you catch what I mean.. Because he only told me he was doing a book report 2 days before it was due and he didn't have time to read an entire book.

But they still have 2 weeks until the oral exam and I told him to take the book and read it himself.. The book is still in our house.. He's not going to read it.. I'm sure..

Now I was trying to prepare him for his next book report, which is due may 22, but they don't only need to do the report they also have extencive tasks that go with the report... So I want him started on it sooner than later..

So I asked him which book he'd be reading for his next report and he chose the book I'm reading now.. I don't agree with this.. How can I motivate him to do his own work?

Edit: I don't want to have to stop reading to them because it's a nice calming moment I share with the boys before everyone goes to bed. ❤️



I'm not native with english so I may have mis-expressed myself here and there.

I told him to take the book home to his mom so he could read it again to be prepared for his test.

But who am I kidding..?

He feels like he remembers plenty and he hates reading he also didn't take the book with him to his mom which means that IF he would still read it before his exam he would only have 1 week to read it. As he didn't have any guidance in reading before (they've lived full custody with their mom, apart from 2 weekends per month, until a year ago, we are now co-parenting, 50/50) and he feels like he's too old for that now, his reading is slow and his comprehension of words is really below average.

I also know for a fact he will not read the next book I'm reading.. Heck.. I wasn't even counting on finishing it this school year. It's like 600 pages (I read like 3 to 5 pages per day every other week) . I chose it because it has really nice visualisations and that's one of the things I want to teach the kids.. How books can make your imagination show vivid images of scenery.

I personally feel that's what makes books better than movies. No trickery or special effects or millions of dollars on CGI, just your own imagination 🤩 (and of course the writer's 😅)